About John

Another aging baby-boomer with a camera and a web site! Can the world every get enough? I live in northern Vermont, just a couple of miles east of Lake Champlain, where I have happily taught political science in one of our finer mid-sized liberal arts colleges for over three decades. When not teaching, thinking about teaching or recovering from teaching, I listen to music, draw a bit or take photographs. After fourteen years, I still use my Sony R1, just a terrific camera even if it is a bit slow sometimes. I am slow too, so what does it matter? I do not ski, collect maple syrup or commune with the local moose population. I occasionally pine for New York City, the ocean or a really good New York pizza.

Photography Equipment

Sony R1, but no longer willing to mortgage my home, my bank account and my future to Adobe, I am now using Aftershot Pro and Paintshop Pro, both by Corel.