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Darkelf Photography on Picnic Tables
Waiting no doubt for some warmer weather. Wonderful composition and tonality.

Existence Artistique on Picnic Tables

Anna Cherer on Picnic Tables
I like the composition and the winter atmosphere !

Existence Artistique on Solar Power

Michael Skorulski on Solar Power
Wonderful. There should be much more of this kind of power. A beautiful sky.

Existence Artistique on Early Morning Walk

Ana Lúcia on Early Morning Walk
"Winter Is Coming".

Existence Artistique on Early in the Morning

Judith on Winooski River
Oh yes. Glad you are out and about.

Judith on Red House on Officers Row
OK. That's a very very good one. .

Existence Artistique on Leaning Tree

Existence Artistique on Winooski River

rbassin on Winooski River
très beau paysage d'hiver, bonne gestion des flous

Michael Skorulski on Winooski River
A lovely winter composition.

Harry on Broken Tree
good capture of this snowy tree

Franz on Broken Tree
Awesome, like yesterday's!

Existence Artistique on Broken Tree

Franz on Early Morning in the Woods
Superb winter scene in the snowy woods, with a lot of atmosphere and graphism!

Existence Artistique on Early Morning in the Woods
c'est une intéressante idée et bien réalisée

Melissa Capobianco on Red House on Officers Row

Existence Artistique on Red House on Officers Row
bon travail

Melissa Capobianco on Late Snow

Existence Artistique on Winooski River

Judith on Late Snow
And a lovely one it is. Though you may be tired of it by now.

Franz on Late Snow
Gorgeous black and white perspective !!!

Existence Artistique on Late Snow
une intéressante recherche et composition

Michael Skorulski on Late Snow

AMIR BABA on Tornado

Judith on Spring
Well now. This is a change. What are you up to?

Existence Artistique on Spring
oh intéressant graphisme sous une forme de colline bien verte

mac on Spring
que bonitas las texturas y la simplicidad

omid on Spring
:) such beautiful frame, graphics, colors & textures!

Judith on Let the Day Begin
Nocturnes. Wonderful. Thank you.

Michael Skorulski on Let the Day Begin
A beautiful gentle image.

Existence Artistique on Let the Day Begin
oh belle horloge

Darkelf Photography on Morning Snow
Great ambience and light.

Existence Artistique on Morning Snow

MAU on Water Front
Just excellent!! Love it!

Existence Artistique on Water Front
oh intéressante sous cette diagonale

Existence Artistique on Snowy Dawn
bien la perspective

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Tornado
Une très belle pose longue.

Existence Artistique on Hinesburg

Existence Artistique on Like a Mirror
c'est une bonne recherche

Existence Artistique on Dawn
superbe beau

Le Krop on Dawn
Ah, link ... :-)

Le Krop on Dawn
Coup de coeur ! *****

Disne on Late Afternoon
Amazing dramatic photo!

Judith on Late Afternoon
Oh my. This is a good one.

Existence Artistique on Late Afternoon

Existence Artistique on Shimmying Tree

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