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Judith on In the Woods

Existence Artistique on In the Woods

Judith on In the Woods
OK. Wow. Stunning light again.

Ronnie 2¢ on In the Woods
That really does look inviting . .

Existence Artistique on In the Woods
superbe recherche

Existence Artistique on Fall Foliage
bien ces feuilles

omid on Fern
Amazing shot!

Existence Artistique on Fern

Judith on Underhill
Ditto re the light. Given the circumstances, you have emerged with some fine photos.

Existence Artistique on Underhill

Ronnie 2¢ on Underhill
A fine composition . . you have caught not just the view but the feeling of the moment.

Judith on Underhill
You've done it again with wonderful light.

Existence Artistique on Underhill

Existence Artistique on Williston Morning
bien ce vert

Judith on Crossroads
The light in this is wonderful. Ditto the last one.

Existence Artistique on Crossroads

Ronnie 2¢ on Crossroads
Looks like you caught it at a quiet time . .

omid on Underhill
such beautiful composition, layers & colors! Lovely view!

Existence Artistique on Underhill

omid on Sunflowers
Lovely flowers!

Existence Artistique on Sunflowers

Judith on Boardwalk
Are those black eyed susans? Sorry to be so pedestrian. It's a lovely photo.

Ronnie 2¢ on September Morning
Somehow, this is just so pleasing to sit look at . .

Existence Artistique on September Morning

Existence Artistique on Boardwalk
bien la perspective

Existence Artistique on Dawn's Early Light

Existence Artistique on Barns

B. Thomas on Williston
Lovely misty mood.

Existence Artistique on Williston

Existence Artistique on Sun Flowers
bel effet

Existence Artistique on Changing Season
bien ces arbustes

omid on Baseball Diamond
such beautiful frame, DOF & perspective! Amazing!

Existence Artistique on Baseball Diamond
bien ce grillage

Existence Artistique on Early Morning Fog
bien agréable

Existence Artistique on Beaver Pond
c'est du bon travail

k@ on Beaver Pond
Love these places !

Ronnie 2¢ on Morning Fog
Perfect stillness . . a fine and realistic image.

Existence Artistique on Morning Fog
belle brume

beach on Morning Fog
The fog adds so much atmosphere and depth to the shot. Lovely.

Ana Lúcia on Morning Fog
Beautiful atmosphere with the fog surrounding this lonely house.

Existence Artistique on Early Morning Walk
bien cette allée

Judith on Vergennes
On second viewing, that is a very interesting reflection in the window. It was on the first viewing as well, but ...

Judith on Rockport
I looked up Rockport Vermont. ? Did you go to Rockport Maine? I do like the photo quite a lot.

Judith on Vergennes
New England. Yes indeed.

Existence Artistique on Rockport
bel effet et superbe ce ciel

Existence Artistique on In the Pink

Annima on In the Pink
Nice color.

beach on Sugar High
Holy overdose of sugar, Batman! (But, I'll have what you're having!)

omid on Sugar High
Mmmm...! :) Delicious & colorful ...

Existence Artistique on Sugar High
Superbe ces couleurs

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