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Judith on Christmas Shovel
I do like this one. Best wishes for a good new year.

Harry on Christmas Shovel
fine display of holiday spirit

existenceartistique on Christmas Shovel

Blikvanger on Christmas Shovel
Great found! Merry Christmas.

Dimitrios on Christmas Shovel

Ralf Kesper on Christmas Shovel
Pretty cool decoration. Merry Christmas, John!

marije on Just Before it Snowed
comme une tentative de rapprochement ... belle prise

Marcel P. on Just Before it Snowed
beau contraste

Existence Artistique on Just Before it Snowed

Existence Artistique on Champlain

Ralf Kesper on Champlain
well done in b/w

Judith on My Toy
Song for the day: Elllington/Coltrane My Little Brown Book

Judith on Winooski
River of my dreams

Harry on My Toy
toys get much more expensive than this! have fun.

Existence Artistique on My Toy
bien préparé

Le Krop on My Toy
Rich toy ...

Ralf Kesper on My Toy
Indeed a really nice toy.

Existence Artistique on Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready for my Closeup

Existence Artistique on Hobby Horse

beach on Hobby Horse
Wow! I love that little guy.

Existence Artistique on Sandbar State Park
c'est un intéressant travail de recherche

Dreams come true on Sandbar State Park
Beautiful photo.

Photon on Sandbar State Park
Yellow majesty

Existence Artistique on Winooski
bel effet

Jaya on Winooski

Judith on 'Till the Cows Come Home
Takes my breath away.

Judith on First Snow
Sigh. I know. It means winter is here, but it is beautiful and covers all the trash and litter and is so quiet when it ...

pravin on 'Till the Cows Come Home
Nature photographs

Ralf Kesper on 'Till the Cows Come Home
Beautiful autum picture.

Existence Artistique on 'Till the Cows Come Home

John on First Snow
Sorry Folks, this is not a black and white. It is in full color but the snow and low light desaturate the color.

Dreams come true on First Snow
Nice black and white from the first snow.

beach on First Snow
Lovely in black and white. We had our first snow last night. Will have to shovel after my morning coffee.

Existence Artistique on First Snow
bien agréable

Ralf Kesper on First Snow
Pretty "cool" image.

omid on Yellow
Lovely colors & textures.

Photon on Yellow
lovely yellow....these days yellow is dominating ......

Existence Artistique on Yellow
génial sous ce cadrage

Judith on Panorama
Amazing. And the result is beautiful.

Ana Lúcia on Panorama
Nice forest.

Existence Artistique on Panorama

Eye for Beauty on Lincoln

Existence Artistique on In the Woods

Eye for Beauty on Out for a Walk
nice compo

Existence Artistique on Out for a Walk
Bien ces verts

Judith on Sugar Maple
Ohhh yeah.

Existence Artistique on Sugar Maple

Dreams come treu on Sugar Maple
Very nice and beautyful autumn colors.

Eye for Beauty on Lincoln
nice compo

Existence Artistique on Lincoln
Bien ces verts

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