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marije on Tangle
quel imbroglio ;)

Existence Artistique on Tangle
intéressante branche

Existence Artistique on Winooski River

Libouton Martine on Winooski River
Une très belle photo

Judith on Fiddleheads
So how are they to eat? I suspect as the first greens of the year they are appreciated at a level beyond actual taste. ...

Judith on Woods
Looks a bit swampy. I love geology, thank you for the succinct summation. Where I live has just been sediment, ...

Existence Artistique on Fiddleheads

Existence Artistique on Woods

Judith on Ferry Dpck
Oh. My. I remember this scene well from other photos you have taken. High water indeed.

Shaun on Ferry Dpck
Excellent image of Lake Champlain.

Existence Artistique on Ferry Dpck

Libouton Martine on Ferry Dpck
Une très belle prise

Anne on Ferry Dpck
Ca déborde!

Donna on Path Closed
I like the orange sign against the cool blue. The diagonal line of debris. The multiple layers from the green grass to ...

Existence Artistique on Path Closed

Ralf Kesper on Path Closed
Rest of the fleet.

Judith on Lake Champlain in Flood Stage and Rain
How often has this sort of thing happened? Every 10 years, 20? Or is it just highly unusual? Hm. Most lakes are full ...

Existence Artistique on Lake Champlain in Flood Stage and Rain
Un peu triste vu cet atmosphère

Donna on Lake Champlain in Flood Stage and Rain
It has been exceptionally wet in RI and PA, too.

Ralf Kesper on Lake Champlain in Flood Stage and Rain
Looks like a lot of highwaters.

Donna on Out for a Walk
Yikes. I think that stuff in the middle in poison ivy.

Donna on Panorama
I haven't done that in Lightroom. I'm really rusty. Do you use the library module?

Donna on First Snow
Yes, you can see a hint of brown and tan in the stones

Donna on Winooski
Is that limestone?

Donna on Third Day of Spring
You could photograph that tree all year around in every kind of light.

Donna on Lake Iroquois
Love the clouds

Donna on Drunk Tree
Sap is running a little strong this spring?

Judith on Drunk Tree
Spring is not exactly sprung then....though i think I may see some tiny buds on the trees. Though the water still ...

Existence Artistique on Drunk Tree

Donna on Christmas Shovel
Ha ha

Donna on Lake Iroquois
I like the blue grey color

Existence Artistique on Lake Iroquois

Ralf Kesper on Lake Iroquois
Very nice and moody!

Existence Artistique on Lake Champlaini at Flood Stage
oh intéressant pique nique inondé

Dutchess on Lake Champlaini at Flood Stage
One needs a boat to reach the picknick table ;-) Great composition with the tree reflections!

Ralf Kesper on Lake Champlaini at Flood Stage
Looks a bit wet there.

Donna on Melting
I'd recognize one of your photos from anywhere. I hope you are well.

Judith on Melting
Glad to see you back. This appears quite cold.

Existence Artistique on Melting
intéressante fonte

Ralf Kesper on Melting
This was a hard winter there. Last melting signs of Vortex. Happy Easter., John!

Judith on Fourth Day of Spring
That snow on the ground looks a wee bit deep.

Ana Lúcia on Fourth Day of Spring
I love snow... Beautiful landscape.

Existence Artistique on Fourth Day of Spring

Ralf Kesper on Yellow
This American school busses are very cool.

Existence Artistique on Yellow

Libouton Martine on Red

Existence Artistique on Red

Ralf Kesper on Red
Good contrasts between red and white.

Ralf Kesper on Fourth Day of Spring
Very nice winter picture.

omid on Fourth Day of Spring

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