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beach on Daffodils
Nicely done

Ralf Kesper on Daffodils
Beautiful classical still-life.

Existence Artistique on Daffodils

omid on Daffodils
:) L O V E L Y !

Anna Cherer on Daffodils
Pretty presentation !

Jaya on Teaching in a Time of Pandemic
Encouraging : I share and remix ---- Thanks !

Jason Kravitz on Teaching in a Time of Pandemic
Amazing how much can change in a few short weeks. It is nice that you are still able to engage your students and ...

Judith on Teaching in a Time of Pandemic
Hm. Can they talk back or ask questions at the time? Hard to know if that would be an advantage or disadvantage.

Judith on Spring Time: Corvid-19 Edition
I like this one; I like snow on branches and the special light inside a house that comes from snow outside.

Ralf Kesper on Teaching in a Time of Pandemic
Nessessary to do this. My daughter get teached even in this way. Thank you for your service!

beach on Teaching in a Time of Pandemic
Thankfully, we have the technology to do this.

véronique cherpantier on Teaching in a Time of Pandemic
cool capture :)

Existence Artistique on Teaching in a Time of Pandemic
eh oui

Dimitrios on Teaching in a Time of Pandemic
SUPERB STAY *HOME*STAY*SAFE* The cave is super cool, keep on teaching, its is refreshing in these times

beach on Spring Time: Corvid-19 Edition
Ha. Have to look for something blooming in the house.

Ralf Kesper on Spring Time: Corvid-19 Edition
Really good photo!

Existence Artistique on Spring Time: Corvid-19 Edition
bien vu

Gérard on Spring Time: Corvid-19 Edition
This bad weather is not meant to cheer you up, but we would have liked it in normal times.

Judith on Red Line
What is that red line anyway? Did you just add it? Inquring minds want to know.

Blikvanger on Red Line
This art work is worth a lot more, It has colour, lines, shapes and shadows. That 's much more than three stripes. ...

omid on Red Line
A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!

beach on Red Line
Slashed right through the scene. The Canadian government paid $1 million for a painting that consisted on three ...

Existence Artistique on Red Line
bien cette bande rouge

Ralf Kesper on Red Line
Very good graphics.

Judith on Walk This Way
That is really, really, really nice.

omid on Walk This Way
such beautiful composition & graphics! A M A Z I N G !!!!

Ralf Kesper on Walk This Way
Interesting combination.

marije on Walk This Way

Existence Artistique on Walk This Way
bien ces deux plans

Ralf Kesper on Derlict Power Plant
Well seen and captured.

Existence Artistique on Derlict Power Plant
intéressant ce rouge

Existence Artistique on Reflection
bien ces reflets et cette parytie haute

Anne on Reflection

omid on Teeth
such beautiful frame, lights & shadows! Amazing graphics.

beach on Teeth
Great shadows

Existence Artistique on Teeth
bien ce vert pâle

Ralf Kesper on Teeth
Well seen shadow play.

Dan on Teeth
A good example for painting with light. Congratulations!

Ralf Kesper on I have a Question
Made my day! :)))

Jorge on I have a Question
Nice street detail.

Dutchess on I have a Question
A wonderful find!

beach on I have a Question
Ha! Just for dogs' use, I guess.

Gérard on I have a Question
I don't have an answer either...

Existence Artistique on I have a Question
intéressant ce cadrage avec des détails qui ont cette couleur feu

Ralf Kesper on Shovelling
Im creedy about your snow.

marije on Shovelling
oulala l'hiver n'est pas fini

beach on Shovelling
Just finished shoveling our driveway, so I know exactly how this feels, and I don't have a Toro either.

Existence Artistique on Shovelling
eh oui sacrée couche

Donna on Retreating Geese
It always seems to be easy to get the backsides of the geese and ducks.

Donna on Town Cemetary
I like the subtle tones

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