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Ralf Kesper on Peppers
Tasty stuff!

Existence Artistique on Peppers
bien vu

rem_la on Peppers
superbe cette composition

Ralf Kesper on Jericho
Nicely green with first tastes of fall.

Existence Artistique on Jericho

Existence Artistique on The Mad River

Anne on The Mad River
Seems quiet

Existence Artistique on Colchester Meadow
beau ciel

Anne on Colchester Meadow

Existence Artistique on Keeler Bay

Anne on Keeler Bay
Simple et joli

Existence Artistique on Nashville Road
bien vu cette perspective

Shaun on Nashville Road
A nice capture from Vermont.

Le Krop on Nashville Road
Voilà qui fait rêver ! ♥

Jaya on Nashville Road
simply beautiful !

Ralf Kesper on Nashville Road
Perfect trail for my Honda Transalp. Nashville sounds like music in my ears.

Existence Artistique on Storm Approachoing
beau ciel

Donna on Tanks for the Memories
"Tanks" for the memories? Are you signing off aminus3?

Judith on Tanks for the Memories
OK. It's been a while. ?

Existence Artistique on Tanks for the Memories
bien ce cadrage

Libouton Martine on Tanks for the Memories
J'aime beaucoup ta photo !5*

Ralf Kesper on Tanks for the Memories
Funny wordgame in this title :)

Jerry on Self-Evident Truths
Nice photo

Existence Artistique on Self-Evident Truths
bien ce gris du ciel

Ralf Kesper on Self-Evident Truths
Happy celebration!

Existence Artistique on Larkspur

Existence Artistique on Hot Air
bien vu

Anne on Hot Air

Judith\ on Larkspur
Well. A lovely photo. And I have never seen such lush healthy larkspur, but then, I don't recall them in the ...

MEC on Larkspur
Very pretty!

Existence Artistique on Larkspur

Ralf Kesper on Larkspur
Very nice in this light.

Existence Artistique on Keeler Bay
beau ciel

Diane on Mallets Bay
beautiful and ominous. Great photo!

Existence Artistique on Mallets Bay
Beau ciel

Libouton Martine on Mallets Bay
Très beau ce ciel

Judith\ on Causeway
Aha. You have gone a bit off field. And with a good result in this photo.

Existence Artistique on Causeway
agréable avec ce ciel

Shaun on Causeway
A magnificent image. A superb sky over the trees and water.

Ralf Kesper on Causeway
Wonderful road. I think a pleasure to ride there.

Existence Artistique on Keeler Bay

Ralf Kesper on Keeler Bay
Nice and moody with this deep hanging clouds.

Existence Artistique on Dandelions
beau ciel

Libouton Martine on Dandelions
Un très beau paysage

Ralf Kesper on Dandelions
Nice wide view!

Judith on Marsh
Verrrry nice light on this one.

Judith on Bristol
Oh my. Been a long time since i've seen that sort of thing. Thanks.

Existence Artistique on Marsh
beau sous ces verts

Libouton Martine on Marsh
Un très beau paysage

Ralf Kesper on Marsh
Wonderful nature there.

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