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28 April 2018

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Santa's Cement Truck
26 December 2015

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Judith on Crepuscular Winooski
Fantasizing that this is the Winooski and I have one of those apartments. Small dreams.

Existence Artistique on Going Places
bien ces lignes

Existence Artistique on Crepuscular Winooski

Judith on Panninis and Wraps
Ah. I do like nighttime scenes. Well done...

Existence Artistique on Purple

Existence Artistique on Panninis and Wraps
bien cette lumière

Dimitrios on Blue Falls

Brockaly on Blue Falls
Wonderful, is that near the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Blue Grass?

Anne on Blue Falls
Nice effect!

rbassin on Blue Falls
bel effet

Existence Artistique on Blue Falls

Existence Artistique on Teeth
c'est une belle recherche

Existence Artistique on Dusk

Ronnie 2¢ on Dusk
What better than a wonderful intensity of green . .

Existence Artistique on I Got da Blues
oh bon travail

Luca Bobbiesi on I Got da Blues
Really a nice work here!

Judith on Signs
Oh. I guess it's a trend. Murals are the big thing here, or are proposed to be.

Existence Artistique on Signs

omid on Sunset
such beautiful composition, clouds, lights & graphics! Amazing!

Existence Artistique on Lucky
c'est superbe cette recherche

Zsákai Péter on Tornado

Judith on Lone Streetlight
So your rather skewed light is still shining. Good. You have not melted.

Judith on Courthouse at Sunset
If I had a bigger monitor, maybe I could see this all at once in a large size. Well. I don't know about any of ...

Existence Artistique on Courthouse at Sunset
bien ce lieu

Existence Artistique on Stariway to Heaven
bien ce graphisme

JUDITH on Reflections
These last two have wonderful light. Just wonderful.

Existence Artistique on Reflections
bien ce graphisme

JUDITH on Violin Shop
It does read beautifully. Am reading Henry Adams, or trying to get past the first 100 pages, again, and am always ...

Existence Artistique on Violin Shop

JUDITH on Posters
Or maybe not.

JUDITH on Posters
Good. You still live in spite of the heat.

Existence Artistique on Posters
superbe ces affiches

Existence Artistique on Dock
bien ce graphisme

Existence Artistique on Tunnel Vision
bien ce graphisme

Existence Artistique on Beginning of Summer

Amadeus on End of Spring
very finest

Existence Artistique on End of Spring
un travail bien recherché

Aubélia on End of Spring
So beautiful.

beach on End of Spring
Alas, the flower fades, wilts and dies. I like this shot a lot.

Nazzareno on End of Spring
Beautiful compo, color and details

JUDITH on Reflection and Window
This is interesting. Puzzling over it even as I write. Well done, I think..

Existence Artistique on Reflection and Window
excellent travail de recherche

Existence Artistique on Steeple
c'est un bon travail de recherche artistique

JUDITH on Orange, then Blue
Oh geez.. I've come late to Mingus and Monk. And had never heard this Mingus one. Wonderful. As for the ...

Existence Artistique on Cherry Street
intéressante recherche

JUDITH on Alley
Nthing like an alley for ambience. And you've done it beautifully.

JUDITH CHAMP on Lone Travelor
A departure from the customary - a human figure. I think I do recall one or twp others however.

omid on Lone Travelor
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & shadows! Amazing !!!!!

Existence Artistique on Lone Travelor
bien cette ombre

Ronnie 2¢ on Lone Travelor
What a strong urban moment this becomes . .

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